Our Company In Short

Our role is to develop and implement solutions that confer a competitive advantage on the financial-banking market for our clients

Our team

Our team has a vast experience in software development, specifically oriented towards applications for the automation of retail lending in the banking industry.

Our team

Ingenio assigns to each project a team that includes specialized engineers capable of combining technical knowledge with experience accumulated during the development of the most important projects on the Romanian market in the credit management domain.

Environmental Management

One of the most pressing issues of the contemporary world is the protection of the environment, due to the fact that our planet is harmed by certain negative aspects of human influence.

Environmental Management

Ingenio is aware that technology and industry, apart from the significant input in the planet’s development, have also had a negative influence on nature and is committed to play a part in helping protect the Earth’s resources for a better world, because we believe that every small action matters when it comes to our planet.

Social responsibility

For Ingenio Software, Social Responsibility is a key factor in ensuring a successful and durable business collaboration with its customers as well as with its employees.

Social responsibility

Ingenio strives to make its employees feel as welcome as possible at the work place, we frequently distribute questionnaires and carry out various surveys in order to receive feedback regarding their satisfaction, so we can find out about any possible issue and immediately solve it.

About us

Ingenio Software is a Romanian company specialized in process automation and decision systems. As the technology increasingly shapes the decision-making process in top institutions, Ingenio has started to implement pattern recognition to assist with collection, attrition and cross-selling mechanisms across customer portfolio.

Timeline product portfolio

1999: UCS begins producing banking software
2004: Ingenio Software (former UCS software division) separates from its mother-company UCS
2000: Ingenio Software launches SmartTel Mobile Banking, first mobile banking service in Romania
2004: Ingenio Software releases LoanApp, the most complex retail lending automation software
2005: Ingenio Software develops LoanApp Micro & SME, Small Business Enterprise lending management software
2008: Ingenio Software delivers Fraud Management Tool, employed to detect and deter loan application fraud and card transactions fraud.
2011: Ingenio Software launches the second version of LoanApp, LoanApp v2.0.

Ingenio Software in figures

top banks in Romania as clients for LoanApp
locations worldwide in which Ingenio products are used
billion EUR retail loans through Ingenio retail lending software management
simultaneous accesses
The role of Ingenio in partnerships with financial institutions is mainly to offer consultancy and to develop and implement products that provide them with competitive advantages, such as such as improving customer relationships and streamlining the decisional process.

Ingenio Software partners

  • Oracle (Oracle Siebel CRM, e-Business Suite)
  • IBM (IBM Websphere portal)
  • UTC Fire & Security (Security Integration)
  • Gemalto (Security Operations Center)
  • Ingenico (POS software development)

Through the development and maintenance of its own products, as well as software integration, Ingenio is committed to offering Innovation, Speed, Expertise and Flexibility to ensure successful implementations to all its customers.

During 2017 and 2019, Ingenio Software is developing the STUDIO SCOPE project, co-financed by FEDR through the Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014 – 2020. The purpose of the project is the implementation of an innovative Configure Price & Quote software application.