POS Distribution

Ingenico Partner

Ingenio has partnered with Ingenico, a leading provider of payment solutions, in order to supply the most recent and most advanced POS equipment for the Romanian market. Ingenio is a distributor for the most widely used Ingenico POS terminals and tools.

Ingenico was founded in Paris, France in 1980 and has become an established global authority for POS equipment and other payment solutions, with a commercial presence in over 125 countries.

Wireless Payment Terminals

Wireless payment terminals provide retailers with more competitive solutions to meet their operational constraints. Anti-shock, WireLess terminals are perfectly adapted to payment in bars, stadiums or for deliveries.

WL Touch Series

Wireless provide retailers with more competitive solutions to meet their operational constraints. Anti-shock, WireLess terminals are perfectly adapted to payment in bars, stadiums or for deliveries.

iWL Series

Remaining connected in the most demanding situations, even on-the-go, whilst increasing productivity and maximizing revenue opportunities are crucial aims in today’s ever-changing business environments.

EFT930 Series

The EFT930 series combines a peerless choice of rapid communication and connectivity options with 32-bit ARM processing and state-of-the-art security, enabling you to address any mobile payment scenario.

Countertop Payment terminals

Powerful and feature-rich, Ingenico countertops are multiple-connectivity (traditional telephone modem, new generation IP, wireless GPRS or Wi-Fi) to ensures constant availability.

iCT200 Series

Ingenico’s new generation iCT200 terminal series combines the power of 90 nanometer technology, the latest PCI PED 3.x security, and the revenue opportunities of countless value added services in one unique family.

EFT 930S Series

Compact, elegant, very fast and easy to use, it doesn’t take anyone long to fall for it. What’s more, it is at the cutting edge of security technology. It meets the requirements of national and international financial establishments.

Banking PIN Pads

Connected to an iCT220/iCT250 countertop, The Ingenico banking PIN Pads are highly efficient, reliable and ensure intuitive use and effortless access to applications.

iPP200 Series

High-performance yet value for money, the iPP200 Series guarantees the visibility, security and transaction speed required in the financial sector.

P30 Series

Entry level PIN Pad with smart card reader, magnetic stripe reader and Contactless payment option, with integrated contactless reader for MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave acceptance.


A Pin-Pad that not only meets the most stringent security requirements such as PCI PED, but also the ergonomic demands of the cardholders.

Retail PIN Pads

PIN Pad terminals are intended for traditional sales segments, especially volume retail or restaurant chains. They enable retailers to accept payment transactions that require a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

iPP H-Touch 480

Reinvent the traditional checkout with an easy and fast interactive POS. Enhance the payment user experience with a hybrid and touchscreen device. Develop consumer engagement with retail-minded business apps.

iPP300 Series

Covering every possible payment method including contactless and mobile phone (NFC), it offers true convenience for shoppers. Boasting secure transactions, extensive communication technologies and a plug-and-play installation, this compact retail PIN-Pad is an unmatched, innovative solution, speeding up transactions and addressing the needs of the customers.



Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a secure mobility payment solution. Discover our solutions for Retailers and Mobile Merchants.

iSMP Companion

By pairing a tablet or a smartphone with iSMP via Bluetooth, Ingenico has created a unique Smart Mobile Point-of Sale (POS).


With iCMP, the smallest and lightest Chip & PIN mobile payment device on the market, Ingenico enables merchants to accept payment on-the-go.


Capable of managing a comprehensive range of transactions in a single device, the iPA280 eliminates the need for multiple terminals and increases the speed and convenience of each and every consumer interaction.

We are authorized to distribute the entire range of Ingenico products, such as Countertops, Wireless and Contactless readers.

Details at www.ingenico.com