Through the use of customer segmentation, Ingenio can help its customers improve their profitability, resource management and customer relationships.

Customer Segmentation

  • Propensity to buy scoring
  • Segmentation scoring
  • Lead generation module

Maximizing incomes with minimum costs

Customer segmentation aims at optimizing the effort, in other words, at reducing unproductive segments while focusing on profitable ones.
Segmentation helps to:
  • Prioritize new product development efforts
  • Develop customized marketing programs
  • Choose specific product features
  • Establish appropriate service options
  • Design an optimal distribution strategy
  • Determine appropriate product pricing

In order to develop a powerful customer profile model, all available characteristics are checked for relevance and strength for predicting behavior, using the neural decision engine.

The neural decision system calculates accurate indicators, assessing the relevance of each characteristic, its specificity and the degree of dispersion for the values taken by this field, which eventually leads to increased scorecard performance.

According to our existing customers’ feedback, we can conclude the following benefits:

  • Time and cost effectiveness – save time and money on manual reviews
  • Identification – helps companies determine the most and least profitable customers
  • Efficient targeting – focus marketing resources towards customers most likely to purchase and use products and services, as well as avoid markets which are not profitable
  • Meet customer needs – stimulate loyal relationships with customers by offering them the products and services they want
  • Fast neural model refining and modifications – due to neural networks model and neural software application features
  • Local support – prompt customer technical support and consultancy