Environmental Management

We care about the environment and we commit to our role in protecting it.

One of the most pressing issues of the contemporary world is the protection of the environment, due to the fact that our planet is harmed by certain negative aspects of human influence. During the last few decades, societies have begun to take an interest in this challenge and have started taking steps in order to create a sustainable economy, one that will not perturb the planet but will help preserve it.

Ingenio is aware that technology and industry, apart from the significant input in the planet’s development, have also had a negative influence on nature and is committed to play a part in helping protect the Earth’s resources for a better world, because we believe that every small action matters when it comes to our planet.

Our main concern is continuously informing our employees about what measures they must take in order to help conserve resources. We request the economical use of paper and office supplies as well other resources, such as water or electricity.

Recycling is also very important for Ingenio, as we use recycled paper as much as possible along with recycling containers for paper, plastic or glass.
We promote sustainable development in our own office building, that is designed to receive as much natural light as possible in order to minimize the use of electricity.

Ingenio instructs its employees to save as many resources as possible through various means. For example, office e-mails include an advice against printing unless it is absolutely necessary, in order to reduce the amount of paper used.

Through actions like these and through frequent informing messages posted on our intranet we strive to take responsibility in protecting the environment and make sure we work in an eco-friendly atmosphere.