Social Responsibility

We consider that society can be changed for the better and that we must be a part of this change.

For Ingenio Software, Social Responsibility is a key factor in ensuring a successful and durable business collaboration with its customers as well as with its employees.

We are doing our best to maintain the workplace as a friendly environment, as we promote equality and strongly oppose discrimination, trying to protect ethical standards.

Ingenio strives to make its employees feel as welcome as possible at the work place, we frequently distribute questionnaires and carry out various surveys in order to receive feedback regarding their satisfaction, so we can find out about any possible issue and immediately solve it.

An important aspect for Ingenio is raising awareness in regard to current challenging issues by using our collaborative intranet in order to inform our employees about the causes they can participate in and by inviting each individual to offer their support as much as possible.

Our main task is keeping our employees and our partners informed at all times of matters of public concern. We support involvement in any action that would benefit our society and our world, such as the 2% campaign – donating 2% of taxes to organizations involved in cultural, environmental, health or child care or educational issues.

Our employees can also contribute through ideas, suggestions or donations and are encouraged to share their experiences on our intranet, thus hopefully inspiring others.

Another contribution we are striving to bring to our society is the fact that we are integrating students into the business environment and helping their professional development. Ingenio has employed a number of students who are undergoing training in our company, also benefiting from a flexible schedule, adjusted to suit their needs.