SmartTel Mobile Banking
(Personal Finance)

SmartTel is a mobile banking service developed by Ingenio that provides a banking portal and also protects the client against possible fraud attempts.

SmartTel is the first mobile banking service on the Romanian market and the established leader since 2000 in the market share for active users.

SmartTel SMS Banking

The SmartTel SMS Banking application offers the possibility to request and to receive text messages on the mobile phone for banking, marketing and informative purposes. The client writes a text message to a pre-defined short number, which is sent through the operator’s SMS Center to a SmartTel software module and is redirected to the bank, where the response is generated and communicated to the client.

Key Features

  • Account balance for current accounts, credit card, savings accounts, deposits, loans
  • Mini statement – last five transactions
  • Payment alerts and notifications
    • Periodical alerts
    • Event triggered alerts:
      • SMS for changes in account balances
      • SMS to confirm transfers from accounts and scheduled payments
      • SMS for receiving a bill
      • SMS for insufficient funds to pay the bills
      • SMS for accessing the overdraft/ exceeding credit limit
      • SMS with following installment date and the amount to be paid
      • SMS for ATM withdrawals or POS payments exceeding a predefined amount


SmartTel Mobile Banking

SmartTel offers a financial portal on each mobile telephone that allows easy access to banking products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without being limited by the bank units’ working schedule.

SmartTel provides a secure interface where clients gain access based on their telephone number, username and password, as a means to learn banking information and perform transactions. In order to secure access to bank accounts, clients must input a time-limited code received on their mobile device when selecting this particular option.

Key Features

  • Payment Transactions: domestic payments (intra-banking, inter-banking) in local and foreign currency, own accounts transfers, foreign exchange, standing orders, bill payments
  • Balances overview and mini statement for all accounts
  • Financial information display from other bank services (Exchange Rates / ROBOR quotations / EURIBOR quotations/Stocks – local & foreign)
  • ”Contact details” section, with the option to call or email directly from the application
  • Nearest ATMs/bank branches location
  • Sending alerts through a push mechanism
  • Opening or closing of term deposits/saving accounts, applying for a debit card or insurance products
  • Updating customer contact data (mail addresses, phone numbers, etc)

Key Benefits

  • Low operational costs
  • Better customer communication
  • Easy-to-use, accessible, fast
  • Secure authentication and transactions

Ingenio is extending its array of mobile services, with the most recent development being a Personal Finance application for iPhones, which allows the management, planning and reporting of monthly expenses through an easy-to-use graphical interface.