Ingenio Software's specialist team combines experience with flexibility and speed in development

Our team has a vast experience in software development, specifically oriented towards applications for the automation of retail lending in the banking industry, but also applications from the domain of telecommunications. Among domains where our members have expertise are the following:

  • Project management and system implementation
  • Development, integrating and operating financial-banking systems
  • Scoring systems operations
  • Working with real-time systems, specialized user interfaces, communications protocols and client/server applications
  • User interfaces for mobile telephones
  • Interconnecting modules
  • Database design and integrating capabilities
  • IT systems administration and communication management
During the implementation of the developed solutions, Ingenio provides the following activities and services:

  • Defining technical and functional specifications for customizing the existing applications based on bank requirements
  • Personalizing software modules in order to meet the requirements formulated by the client
  • Testing and validation
  • Pre-acceptance and acceptance tests
  • Maintenance and support services

Ingenio assigns to each project a team that includes specialized engineers capable of combining technical knowledge with experience accumulated during the development of the most important projects on the Romanian market in the credit management domain.